JEM Plumbing & Heating

Light Commercial Plumbing

JEM Plumbing & Heating LLC is equipped with the people, experience and equipment to handle your light duty industrial and commercial needs.

Our Connecticut (CT) Light Commercial Plumbing Services Include:

Multi-unit Apartment Buildings

It seems there is always something going wrong in an apartment building that the “super” (if there is one) can’t seem to fix. JEM is used to tackling them jobs on a “call as needed basis. So, if you own an apartment house and would like to be assured of getting quality plumbing and heating work done for your tenants…you’ll find JEM is a smart investment.


Your hood systems need proper know-how and attention…not only to meet todays compliance realities…but to assure the safety of your business. JEM has solid experience in hood cleaning and repair. And…or course…we can also help with your everyday installation/repair needs as well.

Municipal Bathroom Installations and Repairs

High usage means potentially high volume repairs. However, as a commercial client you’ll always have the satisfaction of knowing that JEM Plumbing & Heating is always just a phone call away. More importantly, because we believe “prevention” is the best cure, we won’t just wait for things to break…we’ll do steady inspections of your property so that we can spot possible plumbing or heating system problems before they turn in real ones.

Did You Know?

If you had three faucets dripping at a rate of one drip per second that would equal 259,200 drips per day; which is approximately 17 gallons daily; which would be 6,248 gallons annually; and that amount of water could provide approximately 124 baths per year.

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