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Plumbing Inspections in Connecticut

Our Plumbing Service Partnership - is a Special 103 Point Checklist – that will help assure we help you stay ahead of potential problems, while giving you the satisfaction of knowing you can have this done and an "automatic annual checkup".

We have a solution for anything that can go wrong in your home or small business...having to do with water! Our Plumbing Partnership covers every aspect your water closet, lavatories, sinks, faucet, tub/showers, laundry room, washing machine, Dryer, sump pump, sanitary well as evaluating what you have in your garage and yard!

Plus, your Plumbing Partnership program provide you with these added benefits -

  • Priority Service - If/when you call, you’ll go to the top of our service call list.
  • All parts at cost.
  • FREE Home HVAC Evaluation
Did You Know?

If you had three faucets dripping at a rate of one drip per second that would equal 259,200 drips per day; which is approximately 17 gallons daily; which would be 6,248 gallons annually; and that amount of water could provide approximately 124 baths per year.

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